This is the graphic design & typography work of Kai Damian Matthiesen.

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Music Festival Branding "Silk Events"
Motion Media Creative Agency
Graphic pattern for a holistic business coach
Web- Logodesign for Musician "Dr!ve"
Aby Warburg (Typeface)
Animal Alphabet
Ads and Figures Logo
RCA Show Branding 2016
Opera Publica Künstlerhaus Wien
Identity for RCA SoC Work in Progress show
Authenticity in a Visual World
The Graphic Design Reader by Bloomsbury
Book Design 'Die Bleiche der Zeit'
BBC Push (Ident)
The Rhetoric of Typography
Staging Knowledge by Herbert Lachmayer (Cover Design)
Personal Identity for Fashion Designer
Baba Vegi Food
Lorenzo Da Ponte
Shadow Font
Flanagan Lawrance Architects (Branding)
Mozart Exhibition Albertina Vienna
Victoria & Albert Museum “Future of the Poster”
150 Years TFL London: Poster Competition
Made of Motion: GIF Font
Mediale Lebens(t)räume
Bleiche Motor Trophy (Vintage Car Rally Branding)
Bleiche Wald Resort in Zurich
I Believe in You (Sports Crowdfunding)
LoryBau Branding
DIY Design School
University of Bern
Happy New Year Cards 2014-2017
Phantazie und Pharmazie Ausstellung
Various Exhibitions with the DaPonte Research Centre
Mozart Children Museum Vienna
Music Videos
Album Artwork Yuri
English Contemporary Heritage (Fake Blue Plaques)
Ballymore Properties (Minimalist Branding Proposal)
Graphic Design for the Property Sector
Yamaha "Kando" Competition
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