This project is the first of its kind (to my knowledge), where a typographer utilises psychological research on fonts in order to create a series of typefaces for a wanted effect. The aim here is not to design a “final” or a „neutral“ typeface but rather investigate what cultural characteristics can be applied to typography. This experiment would look different in other parts of the world. I found that it is not a question of designing a perfect "final" lettershape, but rather that the letters have the right combination of traits to achieve the wanted effect.    
Lenticular Print for the RCA Final Show 2015.
The Font Effect poster is a visualisation of the findings from the study Impression Management Using Typeface Design by Pamela W. Henderson Joan L. Giese Joseph A. Cote. This research was vital because rather than testing specific typefaces it found that multiple type classifications (Geometric, Serif etc.) are perceived similarly by the audience. But broader characteristics became apparent.

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