Individual Concert Poster

Tompaul and Wolfman Concert Poster 17.11.2018

Rap Ir Arena - Concert Series Featuring Best-Elle, Cinnay. Sa. 28.09.2019

Al Pride, Carnival Youth Concert Poster Design @Gaskessel Bern, 11.10.2019

The Beauty of Gemina Concert Poster Design, / Live Concert @ Gaskessel Bern, 28.11.2019

Concert Poster

Konzert Poster Gaskessel: Said Sa. 15.6.2019 

Concert Poster for Mynth & Ikan Hyu @ Gaskessel Bern

Concert Poster for Ira May @ Gaskessel Bern

Poster Design for R&B Act Naomi Lareine, Priya Ragu

Poster Design for Sir David Rodigan

Concert Poster for The Toasters (USA) 

Poster for Dean Wake @ Gaskessel Bern

Concert Poster for The Analogs and Susurrus @ Gaskessel Bern 2019.

Concert Poster for Danitsa, Chris Karell, DJ Bowser
Concert Poster for Audio Dope & Band, The Lugubrious
Concert Poster for Basement Roots

Concert Poster for Dominik Eulberg, Mastra, Herr Vogel & Strassenmajor

BORN THIS WAY electroboy Special« 8.6.2019

Born this way Party Poster mit La Boheme @ Gaskessel Bern

Animated Banner for Long Tall Jefferson 

Concert Poster for Los Fastidios, Support Enraged Minirity

Concert Poster for Cray and The Two Romans.

Poster for Grace Thompson / KitKat, URST Agency  ( Headliner ) , Darrien /  Uhrwerk , Chris B. & Mr. Felix, Lycos / Colored:Unity.

Concert Poster Regime (Bristol, UK)

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